Crying by @JamaaLlamaa (174 Words)

She cried again, and even though she knew it was pointless she couldn’t stop. It was becoming a habit, she felt like some kind of addict ~ waiting until she was alone before she let the tears go, so hot they scalded her cheeks as they escaped her eyes. No one should see this ~ it was her private shame, hidden behind a wall of cheerful smiles and witty comments; the snivelling, snotty wreck was kept for her totally private moments.

Her public face was so very public, she couldn’t let them down ~ her job was to smile, amuse and enchant people, what would they make of this bug eyed, blotchy faced harridan, gushing tears and stinking of booze? They just wouldn’t understand, surely someone as bright and witty as her couldn’t be so devastatingly alone and unhappy..

Standing up, she wiped the tears away, furtively blotting her cheeks with powder to hide the trails of loss that marked her face.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome Aboard today's flight from Manchester to Alicante..”

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