Dinner With The Dwarves by @NeilSehmbhy (495 Words)

Petunia opened to the door and smiled at Kevin nervously. 

"Hi err honey." she said awkwardly. 

Kevin stooped walking through the door and kissed her cheek, laughing as his lips touched her whiskers."Sorry I'm late. My spell backfired. Your beard tickles. Alright?" 

Petunia was jostled as her younger sister bundled past. Getty stood there arms folded, her expression stern. 
"So you're the boyfriend," she said flatly,"Human errgh."

"Getty. Bugger off. Or I'll turn you into a gecko again," Petunia snapped at her sibling.

"Yeah, okay dwarflock," she retorted. With a final appraising look she darted away.

"Sorry about her. She's horrid. Full of it since she got her axe." Petunia looked down at the floor in embarrassment. 

"S' Okay." Said Kevin swallowing his temper. 

"Come on. Dinners ready." Petunia grabbed Kevin's hand and led him down the hall, wincing as he bumped his head. 

The dining room table was already set when they walked in, and a boar roasted over the fire place. 

Petunia's parents sat next to Getty opposite them and she felt awkward standing there. 

"Mom. Dad, this is my erm boyfriend Kevin. Kevin this is my mom Hetilu Gemforger and my dad Gogli Wizardbane."

"Please to meet you, Madam, Sir.

"Kevin is it?" Gogli said his brow furrowing, "Your late. " 

Hetilu frowned at her husband "Never mind that dear. Kevin please sit. I hope you like boar."

They both sat down and she reached out and squeezed his hand reassuringly, momentarily forgetting her strength. 

"Ow. Petunia." Kevin moaned waving his injured fingers. "Sorry Kevin. I didn't mean it."

Gogli chuckled deep in his chest as he stroked his beard. Hetilu smiled fondly as she served up hunks of black bread and slices of steaming meat.

"Don't see many humans. Especially wizard's. Pet told you where we get our name from?" her father's dark eyes sparkled and she knew  trouble was brewing.  

"No it didn't come up funnily enough. But I suppose your gonna tell me." Kevin was going red and she could hear anger edging his voice. 

"About 900 years ago, at the Battle of Brebaroth, my great grandfather shattered a wizard's head with his axe, Binder. Grandpa Norar trapped his power that day and we became the only dwarf family to become warlocks. To stop you wizard's from ruling again."

"Really. Well that's just lovely." Kevin said his teeth gritted. "Look old man. Warlock or not they only thing stopping me from turning you into a turd covered toilet brush is your daughter. So let's stop flirting and eat this pig."
Kevin glared at her father as she gasped. Nobody spoke to her dad like that. 

Gogli thumped his fist on the table making everything jump. 
"By Thorins shield! I like you boy. For a human you've got fire in your belly." 

Petunia's mother frowned at her husband and then smiled at them both, 
"Let's eat dear. You'll need your energy. Gogli wants to show you his axes later."

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