EFM (311 Words)

From the outside Kyle Kemp looks like every other wage slave in the bustling metropolis of Steelport. By day he is a pen pusher at Henkel and Cornfield but by night he stalks the streets looking for his next victim.

It all started two years ago . . .

Kyle and the love of his life Diana Dorkins were on their weekly date night. It was Kyle’s turn to pick and he wanted to go ice-skating. He grew up playing hockey and missed the ice; Diana lacked confidence and had the coordination of a drunken young Bambi. For the first few laps they shakily circled the rink hand in hand until a frustrated Kyle broke free and proceeded to lap everyone. Diana nervously staggered her way around, clinging to the side as if her life depended on it.

She should have clung tighter, because it did.

Kyle was cockily skating backwards, filming Diana’s shaky progress on his mobile phone “this is so going on YouTube.” he taunted. She flashed him a look of loving contempt and in a moment of madness let go of the side wall to flip him the bird. This act of petulance threw her off balance and she fell face first onto the ice.

“Epic Fail Man! Epic Fail” Roared Kyle triumphantly, not noticing the rapidly expanding pool of blood leaking from his beloved. It was only when he zoomed in to capture her face and recorded her cold dead eyed stare that he realised something was amiss.

By the time the paramedics arrived poor Diana was frozen solid and the fire brigade were called in to help chisel her off the ice.

Kyle was never the same after the night. He has never loved again and stalks the night recording strangers every move hoping, praying, he can capture someone else’s demise.

He is Epic Fail Man.

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