Epidermis of a Deity by @Chimping_Dandy (498 Words)

‘So, what you’re saying is that you really think the world isn't flat?’

It always started the same way, you know? Someone would wander up and say ‘You’re the guy who thinks we live on a huge ball – So why doesn't it roll away?’ or ‘Why don’t we live on a big spiral like a spring? That would be much more fun!’ And I have to smile politely and walk away, because if I argue it just gets worse.

They threw rocks at me once, actually threw rocks because I thought something different from them.  I wonder what would happen if I told them that it wasn't God that caused floods and quakes and typhoons, but they were all a normal part of the system that we’re a part of.

I can’t lie, that’s my problem I think.  If someone asks me for my opinion then I give it to them.  It’s a curse.  Our world’s round, all of my experiments show that it is, it only looks flat because it’s so huge. It’s incalculably big, you can’t walk the entire circumference in a lifetime.  And no-one’s ever seen an edge have they?  Well, some sailors say that they have, but I don’t know if I’d trust someone who floats around in vast expanses of salty water in what amounts to a big splinter of wood.  Some even say that they've visited the next world, where there are people who are like us, but a slightly different colour – But I think they've just floated all the way around until they've got back to where  they started.  

People of a different colour indeed!

Keeping my own theories to myself is getting more and more difficult, when someone says that the warmth we experience is because our planet is lying on Gods warm body I have to bite my lip and stop myself from saying, ‘No, it’s because our planet is heated and lit from a huge fire in the sky.’

Although, as I come to say that out loud, it does sound a little bit odd, even to me.

Maybe I shouldn't blame them, they’re not all like me, I’m a singular kind of person. Maybe I should try working on something to shelter us from the storms and the floods?  But they won’t help, they say it’s Gods will, and we should be thankful that he’s paying us any attention at all.  They tell me that if I carry on, God will hear me and slough us off and we will fall away for ever until our planet cools and dies.

Actually, thinking about it, everyone has been saying that it’s been getting colder since that quake last week.  The ground has lost some of its pinky luster – It seems to be getting paler, as if it were drying out.

There have been some reports that the miners are having to go deeper to find the moist, mineral rich veins.

It can’t be all my fault… Can it?

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