Hunter Becomes The Hunted by Muddy Circles (184 Words)

The vibrations travelled across the web catching the attention of the spider, poised in the centre waiting for the right time to pounce. It’s two long, black hairy front legs outstretched, intermittently touching the web aware that the vibrations were becoming more frequent, signalling to the spider that its prey was getting closer with every second. It began moving its black body towards the prey careful not to disturb it.

This was it, this was the moment that it was going to attack, wrapping its sticky web around the body of its prey. The spider reared up on to its hind legs, positioning itself for the right moment knowing, one false move and everything would have been lost. 

With its full attention on its prey it hadn’t noticed a black shadow cast upon the white walls  moving carefully, stalking the spider. Suddenly, a giant paw descends with its claws glistening in the light; catching the spider, knocking it to the floor.

All that remained was the reminiscent cries of a cat wanting to play and tease this fascinating object darting in different directions “meeeoooww”.

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