The Eternal Sleeps (338 Words)

The unspeakable curled up in its lair and contemplated the deeds done that day. Its maw wouldn't allow a smile, the concept of pleasure was as alien as the being herself, but it was . . . content.

It was fed and warm, and little else mattered in its life. Heavy lids dropped across eyes as black as its soul. It was almost time to sleep again, just a few more feeds, and it would be strong enough, full enough, to hibernate.

Stretching out, trying to ease its tired, ancient bones, it hopes the imminent century long sleep will ease its pains. even if it means not waking up. It isn't afraid of death, it only understands fear as a flavour.

In a time before time itself, it used to hunt at night, silently slipping inbetween the shadows, snatching its prey at will. It was only when it was first seen that it tasted fear and, and it was a taste it grew to crave.

Fear changed its entire life cycle, it no longer prowled in the darkness. It hid in the shadows before revealing itself in all its majestic, horrifying glory. Attacking convoys, fleets or passenger ships. It cares not for its victims, it only lives to sate its hunger for human flesh.

As it grew bolder it also grew more careless and the odd survivor escaped its wrath and tales began to spread. Over the ages its reputation grew and the cycle was noted. Entire fleets refused to sail on "blood years" But as is the human way, greed, money and foolhardiness ensured the creature was still fed.

Legend has it that some even tried to hunt her, but none ever came back to tell their tale. Seeking glory they only found death.

Its eyelids growing ever heavier, she shakes away the thoughts of sleep and slides, silently out of the cave and into the ocean. Whipping her tail behind her, driving her ever deeper, ever further away from the shore.

Maybe one more feed will see her through? 

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