You Couldn't Make It Up by Slick Hellbastard (478 Words)

Mervyn pulled the front door closed behind him, turned the key and double checked to make sure it was securely locked. It was. He walked down the garden path and pressed his key-fob as he approached his Vauxhall Astra, it was 7 years old, but with only 50K on the clock, it had not let him down yet. The car alarm chirruped agreeably as the doors unlocked and as he settled himself into the driver's seat and turned the ignition, the engine started satisfactorily and he started the 5 mile journey to work.

The car radio was pre-set to Radio 1. The latest song by Professor Green was just finishing and was replaced by the gormless, nasal northern whine of Nick Grimshaw. Mervyn turned the radio off as he can't stand Nick Grimshaw. The roads were quite clear for a Wednesday and whilst he drove, pondering whether to have Chicken Casserole or Corned Beef Hash for tea that evening, the only heavy traffic he encountered was in the usual spot by the traffic lights, close to the hospital.

He arrived at his workplace a whole 3 minutes earlier than normal and so allowed himself a self-satisfied smile. His early arrival meant he was able to get a place in the car park a bit nearer to the office, meaning he could gain a precious few seconds on his journey home. Little victories count. He again pressed the fob, this time to lock the car and smiled as the alarm again chirruped and the locks engaged with a satisfying clunk. He crossed the car-park into the office building.

He nodded his head to the security guard but didn't greet him. The security guard was relatively new, having replaced Brian some nine months or so back. Mervyn didn't feel enough time had elapsed for them to be on familiar terms with each other, not yet anyway, so he walked on through reception and through the doors to the stairs. There was an elevator but he only had to go up two flights of stairs and so as far as he was concerned, these stairs were part of a daily exercise routine that he would not benefit from if he took the elevator.

After a brief stop off at the water cooler to get his morning drink he arrived at his desk, sat down and logged onto his terminal. He noticed that one of his colleagues had left a book on his desk for him to read. They frequently shared books with each other and Mervyn  was slightly disappointed to see it was the latest Dan Brown. Mervyn always found Dan Brown books to be a bit too far- fetched. Imagine, thought Mervyn as he chuckled to himself, if someone were to write a story about what life was really like for the average person. That, he mused, would be amazing.

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