Dream Date (488 Words)

The grin she flashes me as the waiter brings over the 65 Bordeaux threatens to split her head in two. For a second I see her lay in the bath. Wide eyed and screaming, clawing at the shower curtain. Tap-dancing, trying to find some purchase amongst all the blood.

The waiter's impatient cough snaps me back to the here and now. He's holding a glass with a splash of wine it for me to try. I smile and take it off him. Sniffing at the glass as if I know what I'm doing, I take a sip and swill it around my mouth. "Tastes like shit." I grin at him, before adding "We'll take the bottle!"

He gives me that practised insincere thin lipped smile his type are so good at and floats away. As I watch him ghost his way across the room, my date for the evening, I think her name is Penny? Giggles and slurs at me "Bruce you're so funny!"

I stare blankly at her and ask "Who's Bruce?" this makes her giggle even more. People are starting to do that thing where they make it obvious they aren't looking at us as we disgust them. "I don't feel like a Bruce." I add sadly.

"Poor baby." She purrs at me, "Who do you feel like?" She opens her eyes wide trying to look all seductive but I just see her in the bath again, dead eyes staring at the ceiling.

"Jenny, I'm a lion."

More laughter, she tilts her head back and I want to bite her. I want to leap across the table and rip her throat out.
Before I give into my animalistic urges the ghost is back with our wine.

"How do you do that?" I ask him. "Are you a ghost?"

He glances round, makes sure nobody is listening and whispers, "None of this is real."

And away he floats again.

I'm sat trying to digest what he has just said when I feel something brush my leg. I look across the table, Penny raises her eyebrows at me, I glance down at my crotch and see five little piggy's all capped with blood red nail varnish. They start worming their way, rubbing and tickling on the way up.

I look from her toes to her; she smiles and licks her lips. I look back down at the pigs they get ever closer; I look back to her and say "I want to eat your feet."

This makes her squirm in her seat. She flashes those come to bed eyes at me again and say's "Call us a cab Tony."

I turn to look for the waiter but he is already floating next to me, "Your car is here sir, don't forget to wrap up now."

As we float out of the restaurant Jenny leans her head on me and says "I need a bath Wayne, I'm feeling dirty."

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