Reminiscence by @LisaW83 (489 Words)

The old lady was rocking silently in the chair, she was reminiscing about the life she once had. The streets were her sanctuary going to play in the streets, playing hoops with friends; Running around the fields in the early morning breeze and swimming in the brook on a hot summers night. She laughed with friends and chatted with her parents and siblings every meal time. She remembers Sunday evenings going for a tin bath that her siblings also had to share with her, and rushing to be the first one in before the water got dirty and cold.One summers day she remembers seeing a man who made her heart flutter and her cheeks flush; he was stood leaning against a bridge wall looking over the canal at the narrow boats passing by.

She later married him and had a beautiful son Andrew who grew into a successful estate agent running is own company "home comforts". He had not met the ‘one’ yet which she was slightly sad about although still young and plenty of time for him to settle down and have a family of his own.

Has she reminisces about her life she is watching her flowers grow out of the front window, oh how she loved the garden in its pretty colours and the blooms filling the morning light. Thinking of the times her husband use to go out and cut the lawn and trim the hedges on a Saturday afternoon, sadly he had passed away a few years earlier but she still had her son who would visit regularly at various times of the week, she enjoyed the visits from him.

As she quietly sits watching her flowers out the window she sees Andrew come up the path bringing with him a couple of friends who he’s chatting away to blissfully unaware that his Ma is watching him. He takes a while coming in but she’s not worried she just waits patiently for him to come through the passage and carries on rocking peacefully in her handmade rocking chair.
Andrew finally walks through the house with his friends and walks into the living room that he once shared with his parents for many years as he grew up, sitting in front of the fire whilst his Ma sewed her projects and his Pa sat reading the afternoon news or watching the cricket on television, as he reminisces about this he has gradually made his way to the front window where is Ma has been looking and simply says "These flowers have bloomed for years with tender love and care, they fill the summer sky with some bright colours and fragrances. Once my parents, now they are yours" as he passes over the deeds to the house ready for the young couple to sign, he then says “please take the ‘home comfort’ name and enjoy your new start in life with my love.

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