Worlds Apart By Muddy Circles (496 Words)

18 months had passed since we moved and still we were struggling to adapt to our new surroundings.

The altitude is much higher which made the air thinner compared to home. As time passed our biological make up changed gradually, our chests expanded due to the thickening and expanding lung capacity; it was a painful but necessary process. Our skin stretched over our rib cages making our stomachs tighter giving a narrower and gaunt look, causing stretch marks that looked as dry and arid as the land we were standing on.

looking around I gaze at the now familiar red landscape that has been inhabitable for maybe millions upon millions of years and yet, here we stand, nothing but what remains our human existence, no insects, no  plants, no animals just us. Specially selected construction engineers deliberated over the construction of new buildings, some of the work was already underway and the machinery being used was evidence that we had taken total control.

“It shouldn’t be long now should it?” Bel asked as we sat at the foot of the hill close to our base station.

“No, it should be visible around 10:12pm” I lost track how long we had sat in the same spot waiting but it was a chance that we wouldn’t get any time soon. More people started to join us waiting for the same spectacle that we were preparing for.

A dark shadow began to creep across the landscape sending this new world in to darkness, the air became cooler causing me to tuck my knees towards my chest and hug them to retain some of the warmth the sun provided us only moments ago before disappearing behind the large object.

“It’s here, it’s here!” Bel cried in excitement. To be honest I’m not sure what I felt, maybe a mixture of emotions. It was a pitiful sight and one not to be proud of.

Our planet came in to view, ruined by the explosion of a new nuclear regeneration technology. Our previous world had been shattered, part of it was blown away and the debris had been sucked in to the black void of the universe.  We didn’t have time to evacuate everyone which meant that only families who were able to contribute to the survival of the human race had been chosen. I know my father worked in a scientific laboratory but he never spoke of his work.

Whilst we all watched the passing event my father had been summoned to the science and technology space station; the nuclear physicist drew his lecture to a close and revelled in the thunderous applause that had erupted as he exited the stage.

“Dr Braun, I was fascinated by your findings and I believe we managed to resolve our previous problem, I am ready to commence the building of the nuclear regeneration facility based on our new calculations”

Dr Braun looked at his assistant and a sinister smile crept across his lips.  

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