Writers Flood (346 Words)

Closing his eyes to avoid looking at the screen he takes a deep breath and tries not to panic. Tries to not think about the word count, the deadline, the mortgage and then it happens again.

The goblin hordes are attacking the last haven of the dwarves. He can smell the sweat drenched leather, the smoke in the air, can feel the thud of the battering rams and can taste the fear in the air. He opens his eyes and starts to type but it isn’t what he wants, what he needs.  Eventually,the battle fades with each blink of the cursor.

He closes his eyes again this time he is a masked avenger chasing his arch enemy across the roof tops. He has his quarry cornered; every step forward pushes his foe closer to the edge. “You’ll never take me alive Shadowman!” the Claw shouts and goes to jump from the roof top. With lightning quick reflexes, Shadowman draws his lasso pistol and snares the masked madman.

Dangling over the city below the Claw smiles up at Shadowman and says “You know what, I’ve always been proud of you son”

Shocked by this revelation,  Shadowman inadvertently drops his pistol  sending his arch enemy, his father, to his death.

With a smile on his face he opens his eyes again and looks at the screen, the cursor still blinking away on the empty white screen.

“Not today you bastard, not today.” He says to himself.

He sighs and starts to type, his fingers dance across the keyboard spilling the words out of his brain, losing himself in the flow.

Where do I get my inspiration from? It’s hard to say, it’s just sort of in me. I can see a normal mundane everyday situation and spin it off on a tangent. I can close my eyes and be someone else; I can be in a different city, on a different planet. I almost long for the day I can close my eyes and see only darkness, maybe then I’ll sleep...

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