Doc Connors (483 Words)

Plastering on his best fake smile and wiping the nervous sweat from his brow, Doctor Martin Connors clears his throat and beckons his fate into his office.

Gregor Kolinsky glides serenely in, his reptilian smile radiating malice rather than warmth. Connors stands and offers his hand in welcome. Kolinsky tilts his head like a curious dog and smirks at the petrified doctor before sitting down uninvited.

"yes well . . . quite" flounders Connors before sitting down at his own desk.

Drumming his fingers on the desk, Kolinsky waits for the doctor to speak.

"So aah Greg I mean, Mister Kolinsky, may I call you Greg?"


"Okeydokey! So how can I help you mister Kolinsky?"

"How is Natalie doing?"

This throws Connors off track, having worked at Bellevue for a year now nobody has asked about Natalie, let alone visited her.

"She is doing very well, the counting is still a bit of an issue but it isn't as bad as it was."

"Good, because if any harm comes to her. I will kill you, you know that don't you?"

Connors blinks as he tries to process the sudden change in direction.

"But that isn't why I am here," Kolinsky continues. "You have a new  . . . guest. A doctor, well a former doctor anyway, William Jackson."

"I'm not at liberty to discuss other patients or their well-being." Bristles the doctor, happily back on more comfortable ground.

"I'm not here to discuss him doctor, I'm here to ask a favour. And a favour from me is a rare thing; you would do well to value it. 

All I'm asking doc is you keep Doctor Jay, as he prefers to be known, in here as long as you possibly can. 

If he was to die a lonely old death in here, that would make me a very happy man indeed. 

And you want to make me happy, don't you Marty, You don't mind if I call you Marty do you?"

"Well no one has called me Marty since medical school, Smarty Marty they used to call me."

"That's thrilling Marty, now if you'll excuse me. I am a very busy man."

Kolinsky stands and offers Connors his hand, even further into familiar grounds, the doctor smiles and shakes his new found friend's hand.

Anger sweeps over Kolinsky's poker face and he grips tightly, cracking Connors knuckles.

 "Now don't forget our little arrangement and any time you need something from me, well you just give me a call now won't you?"

Releasing his grip, Kolinsky turns and leaves without saying another word.

Connors sinks into his chair and runs over what has just happened. Keeping Jackson in really wouldn't be all that hard and a favour could well be what he needs.

Pulling up Natalie Kolinsky's records he dials the next of kin contact number.

"Mr Kolinsky, It's Marty. About that Favour . . . There's this boy. "

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