Friday (409 words)

Screams echo down the corridor anywhere else in the world this would be cause for alarm, here it is pretty much a daily occurrence. I give them a minute or two hoping they'll either calm themselves down or someone else will see what's going on. No such luck, if anything they are getting worse. Admitting defeat, I toss the paper I am working on into my desk drawer and go and see what joys are waiting for me.

As I come out into the corridor, Errol a once successful energy consultant scurries by. He avoids making eye contact with me but I know he hears the racket, I mean he must be able to. It's enough to wake the dead for Christ's sake.

Following the cacophony of misery I find Tilly, normally a sweet enough lass, howling at her feet. Putting a trembling, comforting hand on her shoulder I ask, in my best doctor voice, what the matter is?

The screaming stops and she looks up at me, tears streaming down her face. Looking deep into her red raw, beautiful brown eyes I ask again.  

Blinking the tears away she tries to speak but the sobbing threatens to breakthrough again so she simply points at her shoes. I look down and smile, "they look like Ladybirds." I say.

"Coccinella Septempunctata" She mumbles back at me.

"Clever girl, now what's the matter Tilly? How can I help?"

"My shoe is broken" She says, her voice but a whisper.

Looking closer I see that a buckle has come off, "That's nothing to be upset about, I can fix that no worries."

As I hear the words coming out of my mouth I am as shocked by them as Tilly is. "It would be a simple enough procedure, a couple of stitches and you would be as good as new."

"Can you really mend them?"

With a confidence and clarity of mind I haven't felt in a long while I say "Of course I can. Now let's go find us a member of staff. I need a needle, some thread and gloves. They have to let me have some gloves. I can't operate without some gloves."

Tilly smiles at me and my heart melts, "You know they won't let you have the gloves don't you Jay?"

"Yeah I know but it never hurts to ask does it?"

"You haven't worn gloves in forty seven days."

It's going to be a long day.

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