Monday (500 Words)

Madness permeates this place, it drips off the walls, stains the bedding,  you can taste it in the air. I try and ignore the chick who is screaming blue murder at her shoes as I glide past in my own little bubble of bliss. That's the key to surviving here; my one and only tip top, top tip don't make eye contact with them.

Some take it as an insult and want to hurt you; others see it as a sign of acceptance. They are the worse; I can cope with the violence and threats. But when you catch their eye and all you see staring back at you is despair, it cuts you to the core. So you do what you've gotta do, keep your mouth shut and your head down.

Most of them are beyond help, acid casualties, burnt out gas huffers, dudes who peeled their faces like oranges while on pcp. Pillars of society you know? They aren't all substance abusers. You also have your schizophrenics, your victims of abuse, kids who have witnessed the worst this world can offer and then there is me.

I'm different, everyone else has reams of paperwork signed by an army of doctors and specialists keeping them in for their own good. I am here for your protection. I need to be kept off the streets, away from the normal hard working folks. Away from the nine til five grind.

I'm dangerous see. I could bring society crashing down to its knees with what I know, what I've found out. I'm not a terrorist or anything, if anything my newly acquired knowledge shattered what little faith that I had left. Problem is it's eating away at me; I can't keep it to myself any longer. You deserve to know the truth.

Thing is, once you have heard what I have to say, there is no going back.

Your life, the one you have worked so hard to uphold. Your social standing, the car you drive, how much your house is worth, your job and its long term prospects. They mean fuck all.

They mean nothing. They are tools used to oppress you, to stop you from being free. I was like you once; I had a job, a wife, a mortgage. I wore a suit and worried about departmental overheads and budget underspends. And then one day while giving a PowerPoint presentation about how we could cut our carbon footprint by 30%. I heard the words I was saying and how ridiculous they sounded.

I walked out of that meeting and went to the beach, took off my shoes and threw them in the ocean. When they found me I was crab fishing with my tie. They spoke gently to me, asked me to not make a scene and brought me straight here. It's not so bad, I have a room, I can see a tree and best of all I know I'm free no matter what they do to me.

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