Overkill (498 Words)

Sunlight sneaks in through the countless holes that pepper the front of the house, dust motes dance in the air. Everything is silent betraying the carnage that has gone before. 

An armed officer guards the door and nods at the two detectives as the approach him. One holds the police tape while the other ducks underneath. 

Both been on the force for many a year, both have seen more than their fair share of horrors but nothing had prepared them for this.

They found her first. Lay on her back in the hall, a dead eye staring at the ceiling, the other missing. Her blood pooled out beneath her. 

"Looks like she was going to answer the door." The one said to the other.

"Possibly coming to see what all the noise was." The other replied.

"How many times do you think she was hit?"

"Hard to say, there's at least four to the head, three to the throat, god knows how many down from there."

"Mac tell you about the casings?" 

"Sure did, he said they had to sweep them up into boxes. I thought he was shitting me." 

"Me too, come on he's in here."  Says the detective motioning to the sitting room.

A million glass shards sparkle like diamonds, the remains of the picture window scattered underfoot. Family portraits of happier times are riddled with holes. Keepsakes and ornaments are shattered on the mantel. A sheepskin rug dyed red in the centre of the room lies underneath the sprawled body of Kevin McIntosh senior.

"Jesus wept." mutters the one, a hand over his mouth in a valiant attempt to stop vomiting.

"Looks like he took the brunt of it. If you look out the window they had a clean enough shot of him."

"Then why do this?" Says the other motioning at the destruction that lies all around them.

"Dunno, maybe they wanted to make sure, maybe they wanted to send a message out?"

"A message to who?"

"You not seen them on the news? Their kid is the one who blew the school up. Lot of people are sick of these freaks." 

"No shit,The kid around?" 

"Well he's not here if that's what you mean. We don't know where he's at."

The detectives continue with their grim investigation, and a thousand miles away a very angry child wakes up in a smouldering crater. . .

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