The Aftermath (423 Words)

Kevin opens his eyes and sees nothing but beautiful blue sky.

He closes them again and sees the pickup pull up outside his house.

He sees his dad get up out of his seat, the one they all lovingly refer to as the TV chair.

He sees a man jump out of the cab and pull a tarpaulin off the back revealing the type of thing you expect to see sticking out of the front of a helicopter.

He sees the instrument of death swing around towards the home he has lived in all of his life.

He sees the barrel start to spin.

He sees flames spit and casings fall.

He sees his dad collapse into a sea of blood.

The rage swallows him whole, the world slows. He screams words he won't ever recall and is swallowed by the nothingness he has created.

An instant later and a thousand miles away the nothingness explodes, dumping the furious naked child in a Slovakian field.

He lays in the crater he has created, staring at the sky. Trying desperately not to cry, not to give into the madness creeping into the corners of his mind.

He doesn't hear the farmer approach, he is still focussing on his breathing when the jovial "Ste v poriadku môjho syna?" Breaks his concentration.

Fire crackles in his pupils, the rage swallows him again, the madness descends. A primal language that hasn't been spoken in a millennia spills from his mouth. 

Stumbling backwards the farmer narrowly misses a fiery death as a ball of pure energy screams out of the crater.

Scrambling backwards, trying to get as far away as possible without wasting time standing up. The farmers eyes never leave the edge of the crater.

"Bože, prosím, odpusť mi, Bože, prosím, odpusť mi" He mumbles over and over.

He stops mid chant "Bože, prosím . . " And instantly denounces his new found faith as the demon child floats out of his hole.

"Mama mi ľúto" He says as the child's scarlet eyes descend on him. The last thing Dobromil Ladislav sees is the smirk that decides his fate.

The last thing he hears is a deafening cry of "Adolebit".

The last thing he feels are the fires of hell being unleashed onto him. 

His anger sated, for now, Kevin floats back to earth looks at the scorched shadow of an innocent man and says "That'll do for starters." 

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