The Bellevue Conundrum (498 words)

Water bleeds down the window of my room as I wonder what the hell I'm doing here. Three months I've been here now and I'm every bit as confused and as far away from finding the answer as the day I walked in. 

It seemed like such a good idea at the time, the Doc is here, the girl is here, the suit is here. All parts of the same god damn puzzle. It can't be a coincidence, it can't be.

It's the routine of the place that gets to me the most, arts and crafts on Wednesdays, CBT on Tuesdays, discussion meetings, prayer circles, Reiki, free association writing, creative dance. I lost three weeks just going with the flow. That's when I wised up and started skipping my "meds".

There is a long list of people I hate in this world and top of that list is drug pushers, soon as I get my piece back I'm going to have a short, sharp chat with that lousy orderly.  

Still cursing the lousy son of a bitch I pull my notepad from underneath my mattress and read through what I have so far.

The first few pages are near enough indecipherable, paragraphs of drug addled spider scrawl, doodles and what may well be hieroglyphics. Half finished lists, names underlined, encircled and then crossed out as I eliminate them from my investigation

I gave up trying to understand it all weeks ago but have kept hold of it just in case it does hold some vital clue.

Flicking through until I find the last page I go through my list again.

1. Tilly Kolinsky. Savant daughter of billionaire Gregor Kolinsky. Has been a resident of Bellevue for a little over two years, hasn't had a visitor in over a year.

2. Errol Ferguson. former energy consultant  who had an "epiphany" while delivering his schtick to a certain Gregor Kolinsky.

3. Doctor William Jackson, likes to be known as Doctor Jay, has a serious drug habit and ended up here as part of  a plea bargain after getting a bit too fresh with Mrs Kolinsky.

I slam the notepad closed and throw it across the room, "It's all there god dammit, what are you missing?"

A light tapping on my door, breaks my train of thought. Its the damn orderly again, all smiles and politeness. "Come on Simon, it's time for breakfast!"

I grit my teeth and stare him down, I've got the best part of a foot and a hundred pounds on the pencil necked little geek. I could break him in two before he even thought about pressing the panic button.

"My name is O'Hannigan." I snarl at him.

He has the god damned nerve to stare back at me and says "Well O'Hannigan it's breakfast time, I've asked Linda if she'll do you some eggs, I know how much you like them . . ."

You know what? he's not wrong. I'll start over on this infernal case after breakfast.

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