A Horse Called Malcolm (498 Words)

Helen kicked her heels into Malcolm. It was an odd name for a thoroughbred but it made her smile and she didn't have a lot to smile about anymore.  Malcolm had been an impulse buy after the divorce went through and she suddenly wasn't poor anymore. Admittedly the legal fees had taken more than their fair share but it was worth it just to make the bastard suffer.

It had been a very acrimonious break up; she had found him in bed with some pretty young thing less than half his age. He had wheeled out all the usual excuses, it didn't mean anything, it wasn't what it looked like, and how she had led him on. For the first time in their thirty year marriage Helen saw him for what he was, a dirty old man.

The signs were always there of course, they had met when she was sixteen. She was in the audience while his band pretended to play their one and only hit single on top of the pops. Their eyes had met and she was invited backstage after the recording had finished.

It wasn't exactly a whirlwind romance, she was soon pregnant and the pair married at the local registry office. He had cried during the brief ceremony, already bemoaning the loss of his freedom.

That was a charge he had thrown at her during all of their rows. He was drinking because he lost his freedom; he was sleeping around because of her ruining his life. And the drugs, the drugs were always an attempt to gain back what he had lost.

She of course had her own arsenal of hate, she called him a cliché, a has been, a one hit wonder. That last one was always the one that pushed him over the edge. Despite the millions in royalties that poured in off the back of it he had grown to hate that song. You weren't even allowed to mention it in his presence and come Christmas time he wouldn't leave the house lest he heard it.

For the first time in as long as she can remember she was looking forward to Christmas this year, she couldn't wait to see his dead eyes and fake smile beaming out of the tv set as he mouthed along to the words he wrote in his youth. It was only October and the thought was already making her giggle.

It was these thoughts that she was lost in as the chaos unfolded less than a mile away. She was chuckling to herself as Malcolm sensed the behemoths presence and reared up, throwing her from the saddle. She still had a smile on her face she lay in the mud.  The smile was soon wiped off her face as the claw of the behemoth plucked Malcolm up. She watched in horror as her beloved horse was devoured by this vision of hell.

Dumbstruck she watched as the behemoth lumbered off into this distance.

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