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"I have spent every second of countless mortal lifetimes maintaining the balance between life and death. And then you come along spout some old words and here we are. ..up shit creak."

It had been two days since Melvin had been whisked away to Death's house and he was barely coming to terms with it all. Death had testily informed him that if she kept him out of harms way, then they could reverse the damage that he had caused.

Her real name was Śmierć  but she insisted on him calling her Stephanie. Death's house was nothing like he had expected. It was basically an old ladies cottage, decorated with floral curtains, and pastel coloured wallpaper.

All the doilies and crocheted cushion covers aside, what unnerved Melvin the most wasn't her seemingly omnipotent powers but the fact that Death was stunningly beautiful. Melvin found himself staring at her sleek  jet black hair and startling grey eyes. Her skin was pale and smooth like alabaster and she set his pulse racing. The fact that she could easily read his mind made him guard his thoughts but even that was a challenge. Why did she have to wear such tight fitting robes? It was most distracting. 

"Do you know where she got the incantation from?" asked Death interrupting his daydreams," And stop thinking like that you naughty boy."  She smiled coyly feigning her disapproval.

"My friend? Trudy? Not really, the library I suppose. She does work there." said Melvin.

"Right then get your coat, we are going to pay your friend a visit." Death stood by the door tapping her foot impatiently.

"What now? But I was just gonna put the kettle on. Oh okay then." Knowing that there was no point arguing he grabbed his coat and opened the door for her. Death had defined ideas regarding how to treat a lady.  Closing the door behind him Melvin asked.
"Stephanie? Why do we have to go outside to disaparate?"

Death fixed him with a puzzled look as if he was particularly dense. "I'm not the only one who can do that sweetie. We don't want people just appearing in my house do we? No one can apparate in or out. Even Death has enemies."

Holding out her hand for him to clasp they flickered and reappeared in the library reception.
"Where does she work?" Death asked coldly,all business. 
"Downstairs in the Archives." Melvin replied leading the way.

The archives were poorly lit and dank but it wasn't long before they found Trudy, face down in a pool of blood, her throat cut neatly.
"Bloody hell! This is crazy. Don't you usually come and get them. Shouldn't you know about this?" 

Death turned around frowning "Yes I do and Yes I should. The fact that I didn't sense her dying worries me. Her time wasn't up. Somethings wrong Melvin and you're at the heart of it."

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