Ash (432 Words)

Ash had wanted to be a bus driver ever since he was a kid. He never wavered once, there was no backup plan. So when he left school at fifteen with next to no qualifications he worked as an apprentice at the depot. He cleaned the buses and helped out with routine maintenance. He took pride in his work; a bus he had worked on left the yard looking like it had just rolled off the production line.

He started driving not long after he turned Twenty Four, for years he had cursed the government for holding him back but any gripes he has were soon dropped. He was living his dream.

As he drove the Thirty Three down Lichfield street, that all felt like a lifetime ago. He still sort of liked his job but it wasn't exactly like he thought it was going to be. The schoolchildren were outright rude to him; none of them ever sang the wheels on the bus. And the commuters obviously despised him, none of them ever made eye contact let alone returned his smile or cheery welcome.

It wasn't just this route either, the eight, the X thirty five, the three oh three even the sixty nine, he had driven them all. It had taken a while but it had finally dawned on him, he loved buses but hated people.

He was thinking about maybe trying his hand at lorry driving. It wasn't exactly the same but Lorries were kind of cool and you didn't have to deal with all the disgruntled passengers. Sure there was the whole prostitutes and murders thing but surely that was just a myth?

Lost in thought he didn't notice the traffic had stopped or the bedlam the behemoth was causing. At the last minute he snapped out of his daydream and swung around a mini metro, narrowly avoiding a school girl running across the road. His passengers screamed as they were thrown out of their seats and against the windows.

He couldn't swear to it but he thought someone shouted they had whiplash.

In a pretty well justified moment of panic ash put his foot on the accelerator and the bus shot forward, through the chaos until it was plucked off the road. Inertia threw his passengers to the back of the bus. Ash trapped in his cab wasn't so lucky. He had a front row seat as they headed towards the gaping maw. His life didn't flash before his eyes, and his last tragic thought was, "They are going to say I died doing what I loved."

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