Catch and Release (381 Words)

As the behemoth lumbers off into the distance looking to further quell its insatiable hunger, the chaos she has left in her wake starts to calm and the true cost is being revealed. Screams and sirens fill the air; blood runs freely down the pathways from the shattered corpses of those caught underfoot or hit by debris.

An art teacher runs around blindly trying to gather her students together. Dazed commuters climb out of the carcass of a bus, not quite believing how lucky they have been. The homeless who were gathered in the corner, sharing tales and alcohol have escaped unscathed and run down to help. Cultural and social differences are forgotten as humanity over rules and perfect strangers help each other.

In amongst all of this someone stands away from the crowds. She stands with her back to all of the suffering and stares at the lake from where the monster has risen. The water level has plummeted leaving fish stranded on the now exposed rocks lining the sides. She watches in fascination as they dance towards their death, their silver skin shimmering in the sun.

Claire has lived in Walsall all of her life, she fished this lake with her dad as a child. When he passed two years back now, she had scattered his ashes across the water from his favourite fishing spot just like he wanted.

He didn't have a lot in life, but he left her all of his beloved tackle on the basis she put it to good use. She never did of course, and the tackle was in her garage slowly gathering dust. She used to come here most days to look out across the water and remember him. But then the winter came and the visits became less frequent.

Tears began to slide down her face, she isn't sure if it is over her dad or the fish but she knows she has to do something. Clambering over the railings, she walks to the edge. The closer she gets the louder the frantic slapping of flesh against rock becomes.

Picking them up carefully like her dad had taught her when she was but a child she starts throwing them back into the water, each splash a weight off her soul.

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