Sara Jones (475 Words)

I hate art. I only took it because I thought it would be a doss and Kelly was taking it as well. Never even thought about what it would be like ending up in Miss Hughes's class. She is such a stupid hippy cunt. "Paint what you feel girls not what you see!"

She is so lame, insists on taking us to the arboretum as if it's fucking nirvana or some shit. "Let's go out into the real world!" She squeals. Because sitting with the tramps is a special fucking treat. And its bastard cold, you would think it would be warmer looking at the weather.

While she isn't looking, me, Penny, Kelly and Jane sneak off to the boathouse. It's out of sight and Jane has a joint on her. Hopefully it'll be enough to take the edge off this shower of shit.

Penny the square bleats some shit about her asthma and turns it down, I swear I don't even know why we hang around with her she is so lame. Kelly takes a drag and literally coughs her lungs up; it's down to me and Jane to show them how it's done properly. Jane hogs the joint like the selfish cunt that she is, thinking she is so cool the way she holds it between her fingers.  

Taking what's left off her, I go and lean on the rails to get away from them before I say something they'll regret. I'm blowing smoke rings at the ducks when I see the dyke coming our way so I flick the butt into the lake and quickly suck on a mint to hide the smoke on my breath.

Bitch must have seen me because she makes some jibe about me littering. I say I was looking at the water and give her the look telling her she doesn't want to mess with me. She knows I know her and Jenna are fucking so she really doesn't want to give me an excuse to ruin her. Dirty bitch belongs on a register if you ask me.

She reads me loud and clear and quite rightly fucks off out of my face. I turn to the girls expecting some respect but they are all stood staring at the water. So I ask them what the fuck they are looking at, and all the dumb cunts can do is point. I turn around and I swear to god there is a fucking dinosaur climbing out of the lake.

People are screaming as if that's going to help matters. We start to run; none of us knowing where to go, just blind panic taking over. Something hits me from behind and all four of us are scooped up. 

Kelly is screaming "God help us! God help us!"

And all I can think is. "Those teeth look fucking sharp."

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