The Behemoth Rises (438 Words)

Hunger writhes in the stomach of the behemoth, waking her from the slumber that had spanned an eternity. She opens her orange eyes and looks up at the sky from the depths of the lake. Unfurling herself she climbs silently out of the waters, ready to begin the hunt again.

The world has changed remarkably while she slept. Mankind was still in its infancy the last time she walked the earth, now they have advanced beyond comprehension and laid waste to all that she knows. Gone are the forests and greenery and surrounded by concrete and steel she is, for the first time in her existence, terrified.

Lashing out with her tail she destroys the boathouse, a group of school girls start to scream. The noise startles the behemoth and with a lazy swipe of a claw she grabs them and feeds on them. They are small fry compared to her normal prey but it's a start.

Spying something more substantial scurrying past she lurches forward, destroying the wall surrounding the park and flattening cars beneath her feet. Air brakes hiss as she seizes the bus. Her teeth cut through the bus like a knife through hot butter. Tasting metal and not the flesh she craves she tosses the remaining half aside, scattering the passengers in its wake.

She surveys what lies before her, the fear sinking deeper within. With a frustrated roar she breaks her silence and charges back into the arboretum. The bandstand is flattened as are more schoolgirls as she tries to make her way to familiar ground. Heading away from the lake she tramples over flowerbeds and the bowling green, trees are brushed aside with nary a second thought.

Devastation lies in her wake as she heads deeper into the park, screams echo her every move. As she finally reaches open ground she sees a more substantial offering. Instinct kicks back in and she creeps silently towards her prey.

Enjoying a brisk canter in the paddock, Helen Jenkins was blissfully unaware of what was going on less than a mile away. The sound of sirens rushing to the scene is so common here it barely even registers. She is thinking about what she'll have for lunch when the world turns dark as the shadow of the behemoth looms above her.

Sensing danger her steed rises up, throwing Helen from the saddle. Lying on the floor with the wind knocked out of her, Helen can only watch in horror as the horse is snatched up and devoured whole.

Her hunger briefly sated, the behemoth sniffs the air and heads off in search for more sustenance.

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