The Fourth Level (497 Words)

Barney Harrison sits at his desk, his console, his throne and surveys all that lies before him. In all the years that he has worked here he thought he had seen it all. He took pride in being able to trump any  "You'll never guess what happened at work today" barroom brags.

But this, this, was new.

He tries not to judge the patients, he knows they can't really help the situation they are in. But the staff, the staff should know better.

He hasn't liked Doctor Connors from day one, he knew, He knew! There was something amiss about him. "He's got that vibe," he'd tell anyone who would listen. And now he has his proof.

Barney pushes his glasses up his nose and leans in closer to the monitor. "Just what are you doing you sneaky bastard?" he mumbles to himself.

The nineteen inch black and white monitor might not be the highest resolution, but it showed very clearly that the esteemed Doctor was up to no good.

He isn't meant to be in today for starters and secondly he has no business on the fourth level. Barney is head of security and prides himself on knowing who should be where and more importantly when they should be there.

Doc Rogers half jokes that should the security gig ever get too much for him, Barney is more than welcome to be his p.a. Barney always replies with the same chuckle and "I don't look so good in a dress boss" line. 

Connors desperately trying the handle on a locked door snaps Barney back to the here and now. "Access denied mother fucker." He grumbles at the screen in his best tough guy voice.

He watches intently as the infuriated doctor flashed his pass over the sensor and tried the handle again and again. The cctv system didn't have audio, but it was plain to see that what Connors was shouting at the ceiling would probably make his mother blush.

With a final swipe at the sensor and a halfhearted jiggle of the handle, Connors creeps off out of shot. Barney follows his prey from camera to camera, section to section.

Connors skirts around the edge of the building, avoiding the main corridors desperate to not be seen. Finally he stops in the corridor that leads to the old ECT treatment rooms, they haven't been used regularly in years. No one has any business down there.

Barney' eyes narrow as he tries to see what is going on.  Connors is kneeling on the floor as if he is doing his laces up. He then gets up and runs down the corridor. Barney gives chase again, flicking the controls on his console struggling to keep up.

It's only when the fire alarms go off that the penny drops. The camera outside ECT captures Connors running up the now unlocked fire escape towards level four. A shiver runs across Barney as he says "We're all fucked now." 

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