Upgrades (475 Words)

I take a deep breathe and stare into the camera. The blinking red light tells me my every word is being recorded for prosperity's sake. I lick my lips, clear my throat and step off into the unknown.

"My name is Doctor Leon Moore, what I am about to do I do of my own freewill. It is important you remember this for I fear if I am not successful and my demise will be written up as a tragic accident.

We, as a species have hit an ethical barrier, a brick wall of morals that is hindering science. We have unlocked the secrets of DNA, the universe, stem cells, cloning. All miraculous leaps forward. All stopped dead in their infancy due to fear.

This is where I come in." 

I lean towards the camera and get the vials off the workbench and show them to the camera.

"What we have here ladies and gentlemen are three ten millilitre vials. Contained within them is my masterpiece, my life's works, my legacy. 

My future." 

I give them a little shake and pop them into my lab coat pocket. 

"Essentially what I have done is take my DNA, stripped it back and then rebuilt it. A subtle tweak here and there. The odd little addition, a few subtractions and voila! Veritable perfection in a bottle." 

Flashing my winning smile at the camera I pull my medigun out and load one of the vials. Silently I roll up a sleeve and flick at my flesh trying to find a vein.  Eventually one presents itself and I fire a dose home.

Euphoria and sickness hit me instantly. I blink at the camera trying to focus on it, not throw up and stay conscious all at once.

"D-d-don't panic, this is t-t-t-totally normal." I burble.

Swallowing my lunch back down I compose myself and carry on.

"The synthesis is in it's latter stages, this is just my weaker form trying to fight back but it's too late, far, far too late.

I have been  dosing myself for six weeks now, ten millilitres per day. The first few weeks were horrendous, and I debated giving up.

but then the changes started and I new it was worth carrying on.

My skin is tougher, and I have scales starting to form across my back. I can see further and hear better. My heart is slower and stronger, more efficient. Oh and there is this of course"

Leaning towards the camera again I pull a two kilogram weight off the bench. I toss it hand to hand a few times before clapping my hands together and turning it to dust.

I wipe whats left of the weight on my lab coat and chuckle at the camera.

"All that's left to do now is decide if I use all this for good or evil." 

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