Blindly Into The Night (429 Words)

Her mind awash with fear the behemoth charges blindly onwards, destroying all that stands in her way. Commuters are crushed in their cars as they sit in the traffic caused by her arrival, fences, walls bushes and trees are all flattened as she bolts. All she can think of is returning to the safety of the water.

Gone are the thoughts of stealth, as are the graceful movements of a silent hunter. The earth rattles beneath her feet, windows are shattered, car alarms are set off adding to the cacophony of screams that fill the air as this nightmare creature tries to return home.

Having run full circle since emerging from the lake, the behemoth comes down the Broadway and along the side of the park approaching the aftermath of the carnage she has caused.

Emergency vehicles crowd the road beneath her, their blue lights dancing over the scene. A loud throbbing noise fills the air as the police helicopter circles in, shining its spotlight on the behemoth. Blinded the light the beast staggers backwards shielding her eyes, the helicopter flies in closer recording her every move.

The noise, the lights, the fear it is all too much for the behemoth and she swats at the helicopter sending it spiralling to the ground. The resulting explosion is met with an ear splitting roar from the terrified beast. Driven back by the flames and not knowing where else to go the behemoth unleashes another roar and lumbers into town.

Down Lichfield Street she roams, the fear sinking deeper with each step. Her once fertile land now smothered in concrete, trees replaced by buildings she is lost and alone. Standing on the corner of Lichfield and Bridge Street she desperately sniffs the air trying to pick up the scent of something to track in the hope it'll lead her to sanctuary.

She doesn't hear the cars coasting to a stop behind her, or the boots on the road running for cover. The first she knows is the sharp sting of bullets as the armed response open fire into her back. Whipping around looking for her attackers her tail slices through the pillars of the Saint Matthews hall. She doesn't see the half dozen armed officers crouching behind walls or in doorways she only sees the two black Audis abandoned in the road.

Stepping forward she brings her foot crashing down on them. Turning around again her tail whips over the ruins that were Saint Matthews's hall. Sniffing the air frantically again she finds nothing and heads off blindly into the night.

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