The Tears Of A Clown (462)

Jackson had wanted to be a clown ever since a trip to the circus as a child; he took performing arts at college and honed his craft. When he was nineteen Jollies came around and his dream finally came true, he ran away to join the circus. In the ten years since he had travelled the country, fell in and out of love, broken hearts across the land, made thousands laugh and given nightmares to countless children.

Life on the road wasn't exactly as glamorous as he thought it would be, they hours were long and the work hard. But he loved tending to the animals, especially Luna. She was an Indian elephant who had never seen her homeland; he looked deep into the eye of his beloved and asked "Where did it all go wrong?" Her deep brown eye blinked as if in understanding. Despite towering above him and weighing almost three ton she had a gentle touch and she wrapped her trunk around him, pulling him into a warm embrace.

Reaching out Jackson lovingly strokes Luna' ear and says, "come on old gal, we can't mope about all day" and writhes his way out of her grip. Hanging her head Luna nudges him gently, "ok, ok here you." says Jackson reaching into his trouser pocket and pulling out a handful of peanuts, that Luna hoovers up with her trunk.

With one final stroke of her trunk Jackson says "I'll come and see you later doll, I've got to get ready for work" and turns to walk away. As he is walking towards his caravan he catches a flash of green from the corner of his eye. Turning around for a better look he can't believe his eyes.

Luna, her eyes wide with fear, has been snatched up by the behemoth. Blood pours out of the stricken beast as claws sink deeper into her haunch to stop her struggling. Effortlessly Luna is lifted towards the razor toothed maw and she is bitten clean in two.

Acting on instinct and out of love, Jackson runs screaming at the behemoth. Grabbing a pitchfork out of the pile of hay he lunges at the beast's gargantuan foot, driving the sharpened steel down with all of his might.

The roar is deafening, the behemoth has never known pain before, she has only ever known hunger. Dropping what is left of Luna onto one of the caravans she inspects her foot. The wound is only shallow and she licks it gently dislodging the fork.

Blood seeps out of the wound and pools beneath her foot. Gingerly the behemoth rises to her full height again. She glances around in a panic looking for danger but sees nothing. Her hunger forgotten the beast charges off blindly towards town.

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