The James Josiah Flash Project is a project collecting flash fiction stories ran by me, James Josiah.

There are at least three new pieces of flash per week as I post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This leaves Tuesday and Thursday and this is where you come in. These are imaginatively called guest slots, I love guest slots. I love seeing what other people can do with their words, they inspire to write more stuff to try and get to your standards.

We at TJJFP aren't a snobby bunch, we're not a clique, we're more of a dysfunctional family and welcome new comers of any level of writing. Please don't be intimidated or nervous about contributing. We all had to begin somewhere and the first few slots by me were pretty (very) ropey.

You can email contributions to submissions@tjjfp.com

The word limit is a very strict 500 words. (not including the title because why would you do that?)

That is the only rule, well that and don't plagiarise other peoples works but that one should go without saying.
Those two rules and no sex with animals or children and definitely not animals who are also children.
Unless you can convince me you really do love that Horse.

I will not edit your contribution in any way shape or form, you can enter as many times as you like under as many different names as you like.

As I said above the rules are simple ...

1. 500 words no more, as many less as you fancy.
2. Don't be a dick and rob other peoples stuff.
3. Profane is fine, violence is fine, consensual sex .... fine. Don't send me nasty stuff, that's not cool.

Bar that the only limit is your imagination.



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